Aloha Benry's Cleaning


When moving into or out of a property, Aloha Benry will thoroughly clean your unit or house.
Providing professional grade cleaning service, the smallest of details will not go unnoticed.
Moving is a stressful event; Aloha Benry will take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders.

Daily, weekly and mothly rates are available for the busy career driven professional, with little time to clean.
We will gladly upkeep the value of your property with a timely cleaning schedule, providing a professional level of service and skill.
Pease inquire for details.

Carpet Cleaning

Aloha Benry uses late model professional grade equipment for a deep carpet cleaning.
Rather than steam, our equipment incorporates the latest technology in carpet “washing” mechanisms and systems.
Stubborn stains and removed with utmost care first by hand application and scrubbing, then a run by our powerful carpet cleaner will finalize the process.
Proper care and equipment will prove lasting results and longevity of your carpet.

carpet cleaning
Sofa Cleaning

Your sofa gets dirty too. Sweat, food, hair and dust contribute to faster aging furniture.
Aloha Benry uses non-toxic, organic based agents to rid stains and sediments, resulting in a showroom finish on your sofa.